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Roastin' for Research Greensboro is set for April 22 at Benders Tavern!

There are several ways to join the Crew!

Roastin' History

Ken and Lee Conrad were known for their hospitality but it was their huge oyster roasts and fish fry's that really stood out to their friends and family.    As the Crew looked for opportunities to support the cause, oyster roasts seemed like a natural fit.  


The first oyster roast fundraiser was held in Feb 2016 in a Charlotte  back yard.   It raised about $1,500 for PANCAN through donations and t-shirt sales.   The backyard events grew quickly, though, and were soon too big for the crew's houses.   In April 2019, the team held the first Greensboro fundraiser at Libby Hill Seafood, which added live music and a fish fry to help support Reelin' for Research and UNC Children's Hospital.


The team coined the name "Roastin' for Research" in 2020, and joined forces with Charlotte's Divine Barrel Brewing and Greensboro's Bender's Tavern for two big events in November 2021 and April 2022 respectively.    Featuring online auctions, raffles, and the first corporate sponsors, the two roasts grossed over $50,000 for childhood cancer research.

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